Friday, April 16, 2010

The Best Solo Artist of the Philippines

For the Best Male artist It's Christian Bautista

I did not like him at first but i know he's a very good singer. I felt his voice was cold and it was like a melody to my ear. His first albums was a blast in TV's and Radio stations. But i don't mind him. Many years has come and he have been improve. His songs was always on hit charts since then. Well my favorite songs of him would be "trying to get the feeling again" and he's latest single "beautiful girl."

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For the Best Female artist It's Sarah Geronimo

The "Pop Star Princess" as they say. Like Christian, I didn't like her too(from the start). Her version of "to love you more' was like singing with the nose(sorry). My dad love it, he said she was almost Celine Dion and I said "No! not at all." I ignore for the past years. I knew she was getting better and better. I always watch ASAP to be entertained and she was always there showing to everyone how good performer she is and now "I agree." Sunday, I watch ASAP I love her Rude Boy version of Rihanna. In my thoughts i said "Cool." My most favorite song of her would be ''Ikaw" because it's about friendship(love my peers so much).

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lee: Sino pa bang gagaling sa dalawang toh' this new generation? Oh wala akong sinasabi ha? I applaud this Two galing nila. They have proven enough they are worth it to watch for!

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