Monday, March 15, 2010

Deokman ( queen Seon deok)

Lately I've been addicted to this series. I've already blog about lady Mishil(my favorite character in the series) and Bidam. I've watch it again and gin for almost two weeks, still can't get enough of it. The truth is at first i didn't watch the last 12 episodes because i was so sad Lady Mishil died. I did watch some of my favorite scene's but not that 12.

Last night i was thinking what will i do? Nothing to watch on TV, I already saw the Oscars and i'm done with it, and end up thinking and thinking hmmmm..... then suddenly i was looking at my DVD. I said why not watch those 12 left episodes? So I get my queen seon deok DVD. It's almost 8 o'clock, i watch the 51 episode where Deokman was already the Queen.

It take almost 15 hours to make it to the end. Again I felt sadness, if it's cruel life for lady mishil then it is... for Deokman. She gain the throne but she lost her love ones. She lost Chyeon Meong(her twin sister), Sohwa ( who she thought was her mother), she gave up her love for yushin and she lost her "love" Bidam.

From those last episodes i finally notice Lee Yo-won(이요원) *chuckles. She made me feel her character Qeeun Seondeok. The love that Deokman felt for bidam *giggles. Now i'm thinking, why did i not watch her before when she was in"fashion 70's and Cruel Love hehe..... I am so admiring her right now =p.

When i was searching some Images of her before and lady mishil I saw her husband and her baby. The baby was so cute just like her mother. Hey! what a wonderful family she's having. OOps! gotta go now time is running out.... have to leave once again....

lee: Still admiring mishil and now deokman! Queen Seon deok became one of my most favorite korean drama of mine. See yah!!..... love you lee yo-won. hihi...

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